Academic support - open schooling system

Academic support for home schooling and open schooling system (NIOS-National Institute of Open Schooling). The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), is a national level board of education in India, controlled and managed by the Government of India. It has been recognized by government of India as equivalent to formal school.

Academic Support - Open Schooling System

Parents who have opted for open schooling system for their child may do so for the following reasons:

  • Children pursuing professional sports or other careers
  • Children with learning challenges or special needs
  • Children unable to cope with the rigors of regular mainstream academics
  • Other reasons necessitating opting out of mainstream schools (Ex: Health)

Students that pass out of NIOS can seek admission in all India competitive exams and academic courses in all universities and technical institutes across the country and abroad.

At Akriti we offer academic support to students who have opted for NIOS stream in the following groups

Academic support and coaching for Open Basic Education (OBE) programme

  • Group A – Equivalent to Grade 3(English/Math/EVS/Pre-Vocational Subject)
  • Group B – Equivalent to Grade 5(English/Math/EVS/Pre-Vocational Subject)
  • Group C - Equivalent to Grade 6(English/Math/Science/Social Science/ Pre-Vocational Subject)

Academic support and coaching for Secondary programme

  • Equivalent to Grade 10 (English/Math/Science/Social Science/Home Science/Vocational course)

How can Akriti help?

  • Personalised coaching to work at the child’s pace and comfort level
  • Innovative teaching methodologies to support children with learning difficulties
  • Chapter summary
  • Assignment completion
  • Time management and goal setting to complete lessons
  • Exam preparation
  • Classes available online (For qualifying students only)

We offer the following activities that the child can sign up for at our center for a wholesome learning experience

  • Yoga
  • Dance and music
  • Art and craft
  • English communication classes
  • Cooking
Academic Support - Open Schooling System