Speech Therapy

Speech therapy provides support to children who are both verbal and nonverbal and experiencing challenges in speech, auditory processing and communication. Speech therapy includes language activities and therapeutic exercises that help overcome speech difficulties.

Early signs that your child needs speech therapy

  • Slow and slurred speech
  • Nonverbal or has limited vocabulary for his/her age
  • Stutters - has trouble getting out a sound
  • Speaks only in words and phrases
  • Difficulty conveying or expressing information
  • Difficulty swallowing and chewing
  • Speaks very fast by joining words together
Early Signs That Your Child Needs Speech Therapy

How speech therapy helps

How Speech Therapy Helps
  • Reduced stuttering and cluttering
  • Speech clarity and legibility
  • Express thoughts, ideas and feelings
  • Improves swallowing function
  • Better social, language and play skills
  • Improves vocabulary and builds confidence