Vidur attended English and Math remedial classes at Akriti. Vidur is now able to read,write and summarize long comprehension passages. He is able to understand Math concepts and given time, is able to complete it. His recall memory has improved and he can remember all his school activities and schedules without prompting.

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- Vidur’s Mother
(English and Math Remedial classes)

The sessions with Dr.Bindu are amazing. I can feel my confidence grow and see the changes in myself. The tools given by her are helpful and when I apply them, I can see the results immediately. The sessions have brought a lot of calmness in me. Bindu is extremely patient with me during my sessions. A big thank you to her! .

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-Roshini, BLISS movement therapy for adults

Rishi/ Keshav / Vaishnavi attended Remedial, BLISS and Subject remedial classes at Akriti. Not only did their academic performance improve, their confidence level increased.

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- Rishi / Keshav / Vaishnavi’s parents
(BLISS and Subject remediation classes)

I could see a lot of improvement in Prateik’s social interaction, sitting tolerance, eye contact and ability to respond to questions when spoken to. Also received a positive feedback from school.

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-Prathik’s Father (BLISS movement therapy
and Communication classes)

Feedback for our Teacher Training Program 2023

Both the online and in-person sessions were truly an enriching experience filled with valuable insights into various aspects of teaching and strategies to enhance classroom education. We were trained to make individualized lesson plans, informal screenings, and using innovative methods and approaches to teaching.

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- Regilda Arul Merlin.

The way Bindu related the content with her experience and the practical sessions were also really great. A well formulated course (30+30 hrs). Case studies in breakout rooms were also nice. We also had hands-on experience with children.

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- Payal

Feedback for our Double Doodle workshop 2023

Fun, Interactive, clear presentation. I can use and teach these techniques to improve focus and attention.

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The course was very engaging. Lots of fun games learnt to teach special kids. .

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- Vimla

Feedback for our Movement and Play workshop (2023)

The co-ordination, rhythm sequencing - all in one go wonderfully, executed with a step-by-step approach.

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The active learning was what I enjoyed - the challenge of actually doing the activities and not just learning theory kept us engaged. .

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- Neeraja Ramakrishnan

Empowering Educators To Support Children With Learning Disabilities.